MONT D’OR: The Old Tower


Yes, that’s my love.  Standing there, looking sultry beneath the light of moon and stars, and perched against the wall of a castle ruin, dating back to 900 AD.  Thanks to William the Liberator, son of the Earl of Arles who freed the Provence region from the Saracens in 974 AD and built a fortified castle overlooking the town of Manosque.

Not much of the wall stands today – just a section of a castle tower.  Not exactly sure, what Steph might have been thinking as he stood there, posing for this photo.  Faraway thoughts, I’m sure.  As for me – had I stood there in that same whistful setting and being the historian that I am – I’d probably be thinking about William and his triumph against the marauding muslim tribes, and how he restored peace to the five surrounding hamlets and the whole of Provence.

Alas, no moonlight photo shot for me.  Though I did get to climb the long winding route to the top of Mont D’or and thankful that it was a clear and sunlit day despite the February chill in the air.   I had an amazing view of the French Alps and the valley of rolling grape fields and farmland.  We took some lovely photos standing in an olive grove, overlooking the town of Manosque and up against the old tower wall.  All in all, it was a wonderful day and the steep climb left me breathless yet satisfied and quite exhausted in peaceful reflection.